Pre Order - Snuggle Me Organic Coast Linen (shipping expected in about 3-4 weeks)

Pre Order - Snuggle Me Organic Coast Linen (shipping expected in about 3-4 weeks)

EUR 10 discount when you place your pre order before September 1, 2019.

Snuggle Me Organic with a 100% Organic Linen Cover in Coast (as shown in featured image) White canvas travel bag.

Why Organic For Baby?

Snuggle Me Organic loungers are made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics, USA made and hypoallergenic with a hypoallergenic polyester fiber fill. Using organic cotton keeps baby's environment safe and non-toxic during their most crucial developmental years. Organic cotton is a fantastic material to have around your baby! Organic cotton is comfortable, warm, breathable and very rarely the cause of allergies. It also protects your baby against all of the harmful effects of synthetic materials or chemically treated cotton.


29 x 17 x 4. Designed to fit babies 0-9 months approx.

Can the Snuggle Me be used for sleep?

The AAP, CPSC and Health Canada have all come out and recommend padded loungers not be used for any unsupervised uses, including co-sleeping.  We put safety above all else and have changed our recommendations accordingly. We no longer recommend the Snuggle Me for co-sleeping and have never recommended it for cribs or separate room sleep. The Snuggle Me is meant for supervised uses only and should never be placed inside a crib or bassinet.  It is very important to always be in the same room as your baby while using the Snuggle Me.

Can I place the Snuggle Me in a Moses basket during the day?

You can place the Snuggle Me inside a daytime Moses basket for lounging SUPERVISED.  Moses baskets serve a different purpose from a crib/bassinet.  When using a Moses basket, you are keeping your baby contained and close. The Snuggle Me should not be used in a Moses basket unsupervised. The dimensions of the basket MUST be 29 x 17 inches exactly for our infant loungers.  Never place inside a daytime basket that squeezes the sides of the lounger because it prevents the lounger from working properly.  

Does the Snuggle Me use breathable materials?

Almost all cotton fabrics are breathable/air permeable to some extent.  The looser the knitting of that fabric, the more air will penetrate.  Our Snuggle Me covers are made with organic cotton interlock which is a very loose knit fabric, so is extremely air permeable.

What are the uses for the Snuggle Me?

There are endless uses for the Snuggle Me!  Many minimalistic parents are choose to replace the long list of baby gear with the multifunctional and sophisticated Snuggle Me lounger.  Use it as a:

  • Lounger
  • Play mat
  • Tummy time pad
  • Changing station
  • Infant massage
  • Travel mat
  • Sponge baths

How long can baby use the Snuggle Me?

Babies will fit into the lounger until their bums come up onto the end of the lounger when laying all the way down in the lounger. This usually happens around the 6-9 month mark.  After this, babies can still use it while propped up onto the end until a few years of age.  If using propped, please only use on the floor as baby will easily be able to kick or crawl out. Once baby outgrows their Infant Snuggle Me around 9 months of age, they can be safely transitioned to the Toddler size. 

What about flat head?

It can, but it will depend on what other products you are using besides the Snuggle Me™. The Snuggle Me™ cradles baby’s head on a gentle surface, allowing their head to stay in its natural shape. If you only use the Snuggle Me™ when you lay your baby down, flat spots will most likely not develop!   If you are concerned about flat spots, avoid products that have hard plastic backings, even if they are covered with a soft fabric. Also, make sure baby gets plenty of time off their back.

What about healthy hip development?

The Snuggle Me cradles baby’s back and helps elevate their legs, which is the preferred position for healthy hip development in newborns.  Allow baby’s legs to pull up as they did when they were in the womb.

How do I wash the Snuggle Me Original or Organic?

Wash the Snuggle Me Organic or Original and covers in cold water on hand wash/gentle cycle with organic/dye free detergents. Top loaders with agitators should be disabled during wash and only used for hand wash cycles. For best results, start by air drying your lounger on a flat surface, then tumble dry on low heat in the dryer once cover is damp. Covers can also be dried in the dryer immediately on very low heat.  Adding heat to any our covers will shrink them.  To salvage a shrunk cover, you can try washing and then stretching while wet and then air dry.  If this does not fix the issue, you will need to purchase a replacement.

Safety mesures


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