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ökoNORM Wax Crayons in wooden Giftbox

ökoNORM Wax Crayons in wooden Giftbox

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The Nawaro wax crayons are made with children in mind - their shape and natural, non-toxic materials provide the perfect tool for little hands that are trying to master the basic skills of creating masterpieces.  This set comes packaged up in a beautiful wooden box.

The ökoNORM nawaro wax crayons are made exclusively from natural non-toxic, food grade ingredients, without petrochemicals! High covering property and good abrasion.

Stearin used in this product derives from palm oil, harvested on regional organic farms. Wrapped in recycled paper. A slight white haze on the wax crayons, the wax bloom, is a proof of quality and indicates a high proportion of pure beeswax.

We know, that a large portion of the palm oil is produced in violation of environmental laws and human rights. That is why ökoNORM has committed to use for the production of their wax-crayons only palm oil that comes from certified cultivation areas. We have joined the FORUM "Sustainable Palm Oil" not only to demonstrate our commitment, but also to fight for 100% certified palm oil and palm kernel oil available to the German, Austrian and Swiss markets as quickly as possible.