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Naif Bath essentials kit

Naif Bath essentials kit

€24.95 EUR

3 products for daily fun in bath.

  • Natural products in gift packaging
  • With soluble ‘fill granules’
  • For all skin types

Kids love bathing. It contributes to a soothing evening ritual and provides a moment to unwind. It should be a moment free of harsh ingredients and chemical foaming agents such as SLS and SLS. However, bubbles can’t be missed! The Kids Essentials provides everything you need for a fun and natural bath routine.

The Kids Essentials contains 3 products worth €29,85:
Cleansing Wash Gel 200 ml – for shower or bath
Nourishing Shampoo 200 ml – cleans and softens the hair
Splashing Bath Bombs 8 stuks – for bubbles in bath