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Moon Sling Artisan Clay Moon
Moon Sling Artisan Clay Moon
Moon Sling Artisan Clay Moon

Moon Sling Artisan Clay Moon

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A Moon ring sling is the quickest and simplest way to wear your little one closely, and still keep your hands free. There are no buckles or complicated wrap manoeuvres so you’ll be able to easily put your sling on by yourself. After a practise go or two, and a bit of use, you’ll be able to do this in a couple of seconds. Soft and secure at the same time, the 100% linen fabric is guaranteed to support your baby’s body as you hold them heart to heart.
  • Textured Beige Masters of Linen® and matte gold rings
  • Suitable from newborn to 15kg
  • Size: 180 - 190cm long
  • Fabric: 100% Masters of Linen®
  • Metal rings: Matte aluminium

How to care for your sling:
Unthread your sling and place a sock over the rings to protect them. 
Wash it in cool water on a gentle cycle. 
Hang your sling to dry or pop it in the tumble dryer on a low setting. 
Steam iron the sling on the hottest setting to soften the fabric.

About Masters of Linen 
Masters of Linen® is a registered mark. It is a sign of excellence for linen that is entirely made in Europe, from field to flax fiber, from yarn to linen fabric. The label is governed by the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp, uniting flax farmers, linen artisans and weavers.

The secret lies in the the production of the fabric. From seed to sling, no part of our fabric ever leaves the EU, ensuring quality, safe growing/dying practices and sustainability. 

Linen is the perfect fabric for carrying your little ones. Soft, strong and suitable for all round wear, helping to keep your and your little one warm in Winter yet cool in Summer. 

Linen, a natural fibre made from the flax seed plant, requires no chemicals in it's production and is completely renewable, making it one of the most eco friendly fabrics around.

How to

Thread your sling - English

Wear your sling - English

Thread your sling - Dutch

Wear your sling - Dutch


How to wear your sling comfortably and safely:

1. Kissable: Your baby’s head should be close enough to kiss, with their face easy to see at all times with just a quick glance down. The fabric of your sling should never be closed around your baby so that you’d need to open it up to check on them. In a cradle position, baby should face upwards and not be turned in towards your body.

2. Chin up: Ensure there’s always a space of at least one finger width between your baby’s chin and their chest. Baby should never be curled up with their chin forced to their chest as this can restrict their breathing.

3. Corsage & Cap: Rest rings at the hollow between your shoulder and breast in ‘corsage position’ with the fabric untwisted and spread wide to cover your shoulder. Remember to check your sling before each and every use and to regularly inspect the fabric for signs of wear and tear.

4. Wide and tight: The fabric should be widely, evenly and tightly spread across your back. In the front, the fabric should be tight enough to hug your little one close to you. Slack or loose fabric can cause your baby to slump down, possibly hindering their breathing or pulling on your back.

5. Deep seat: Your baby’s bum should be below their knees and at or above your belly button. In an upright carry, ensure that their stomach and chest are comfortable close to you, so their back is supported in its natural position. For newborns, be sure to bring the fabric up to the nape of their neck to support their sweet, little head.