Fiona Walker Animal Hippo mini

Fiona Walker Animal Hippo mini

Featuring a cute jungle vibe, this hippo adds style to your playroom, nursery or bedroom wall. The mini hare has lots of friends in the collection, so why not mix and match as you teach your little one all about the animal kingdom.

Fiona Walker England is a beautifully designed collection of exceptional quality and values. The brand philosophy is to create uniquely hand crafted items using traditional methods and add those special finishing touches. Each item has its own individual charm and no two items are identical.

Having lovely products is great but we want our customers to have additional reasons to take home Fiona Walker England. We want you to feel confident in the source of your purchase which is why…

Fiona Walker products are hand-made under fair trade guidelines.

All felt products are made from 100% organic lamb’s wool.

The dying plant uses recycled water so the dye chemicals are not released into the ecosystem and precious clean water is not taken from the local community.

The Fiona Walker England manufacturer employs an all-female workforce. This means, as all the products are hand stitched, the women can take their work home enabling them to bring in an extra income for their families whilst taking care of their children.

Product Details:
Measurements: 33 x 18 x 15 cm approx.
Material: 100% organic lamb's wool stuffed with organic wool
As this item is handmade & unique it will vary from the picture.
Fiona Walker products are hand-made under fair trade guidelines.

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€34.50 EUR