Enfance Paris Purity Shampoo Liquid Formula 3-8 years

Enfance Paris Purity Shampoo Liquid Formula 3-8 years

The shampoo of the lovely Enfance Paris is especially developed for children from 3-8 years old. An innovative formula reduced to the bare essentials to thoroughly wash the hair of the little ones. An extra gentle cleansing base, free of any texturising agents or silicone, with effective and aromatic organic active ingredients of Officinal Lavender and Tea Tree purify the scalp while leaving the hair soft and shiny. 

 The Enfance Paris skin care products are 100% hand-made in France using only the best quality organic ingredients and their formulas are free from parabenes, alcohol, chemicals, conservatives, paraffin wax, colourings and are not tested on animals.

How to apply: Apply directly with pump onto well wet hair and lather. Rinses easily. Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs wash thoroughly with clear water. 

240 ml

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