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Cosilana Overall Wool Brown

Cosilana Overall Wool Brown

€50.00 EUR

With our new quality mixture from ecologic fibers in 60 % pure  wool and 40% organic cotton Cosilana combines the advantages of both fibers.Pure wool offers a high wearing comfort by its special characteristic, however it is very sensitive. Because of its special structure wool is highly influenced by mechanic treatment especially when it if wet (while washing). The mixture with cotton combines the nature of both fibers. We use cotton from controlled ecologic production in worldwide projects, Certified by CERES, ECOCERT or Control Unions Certifications. Neither in cultivation nor in harvest or Manufacturing there are used toxic elements. Our all-natural cotton offers a higher stability and durability to your garment by the mixture. The structure of wool offers a comfortable climate to your body, while cotton supports it by an air film and creates a warmth store. At the same time cotton transports the humidity to the wool which emits it to the air. By this mixture we achieved a machine washability up to 30 ° C. Above all we achieve this without using other methods, which are applied even in the ecological area to make wool washable.

A perfect little baby jackets for the first months that is perfect for sensitive skin and to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

60 % organic wool and 40% organic cotton