Cosilana Bonnet Silk/Wool/Organic Cotton Pink

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Because not everyone is a fan of a hand wash in today’s time Cosilana developed a special yarn-mixture which corresponds to the wool, silk and organic cotton they already use. The result is a fabric made of 20 % silk, 35 % wool and 45 % organic cotton, manufactured after strict ecological guidelines.

You can machine wash the new quality at 30 degrees (no spinning, no tumpler!) People with sensitive skin stand this all-season soft material-mixture very well and the shrinkage-results after machine washing are really very satisfying.

A soft little baby bonnet in a combination of organic cotton, silk and wool perfect for sensitive skin. Baby bonnets are an essential as babies often cannot regulate their own temperature and give them comfort. 

45 % Organic Cotton, 35 % Organic Wool, 20% Silk