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Amber Necklace Cognac Raw (two sizes 32 or 38 cm)

Amber Necklace Cognac Raw (two sizes 32 or 38 cm)

€15.00 EUR

Bead Shape:Baroque


Size: Ø~ 0.5cm

Weight: 5 Gr (32cm)  | 6gr (38cm)


Material: Amber


Please note that the amber bracelets and necklaces should not be worn or used without adult supervision and are not a teething toy. Individually knotted beads. The amber necklaces and bracelets contain small parts and therefore is recommended for use by children of 3 years and older, with supervision.

Includes Certificates of Authenticity that specifies that the amber used has been tested to verify that the amber is real. The Certificates guarantees that we use only natural raw amber, properly processed to obtain the highest quality final product, free of artificial pressed amber.