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March 12, 2017 Ilse van Nieuwenhuizen


Every once in a while we talk to some inspiring mama's behind a brand, blog or a mompreneur. First up is the amazing founder of Lola & Fitz.


For those who don't know about LOLA & FITZ can you tell us a little bit more about Lola & Fitz and what made you start up Lola & Fitz?

Well, 3 years ago I got pregnant and while I had a wonderful pregnancy, I was also kind of overwhelmed with all the choices I had to make. Too many questions and no idea where to start. Which bassinet, which stroller to buy, how many rompers, what kind of care products etc. I really felt like I needed some help. Not only inspiration, but also help to get organised. And maybe it was the pregnancy hormones, but I thought, why don't I just create the thing I was missing. And that's how LOLA & FITZ got started. The idea was to create an online platform for the cool, minimalistic, fashion forward, and conscious mama-to-be. Where you could not only get inspired with beautiful carefully curated baby products, but where you could also make your own personal wishlist and get organised.  A list you could use for yourself or you could even share it with family & friends so they know what to buy for you during your pregnancy.

And about yourself?

I grew up on Curacao, a beautiful small island in the Caribbean and moved to The Netherlands when I was 18, to get my university degree in Finance here. Fast forward to 13 years later and I'm living the Amsterdam city life with my husband and two-year-old boy.  I LOVE this city, but I do have a continuous love/hate relationship with the weather here. Something I will appearantly never get used to ;-). 

How do you maintain balance in your business life and mum life?

This is a though one.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an extremely chaotic person. And I used to think that that was kind of my charm. But then I became a mom, and all of a sudden I had to incorporate some structure into my life, and this might have been one of the biggest challenges I had to face. When you run your own business the lines between work and play are kind of faded. But I made a rule for myself: whenever I'm with my little boy he has my undivided attention. This does mean that I work a lot of long nights, but I wouldn't have this any other way :-) 

Who inspires you?

A total cliche, but I am going to say: my husband. He is constantly pushing me to work hard, be fearless and follow my dreams.  Whenever I'm with him I really feel like I can take on the world. 

What is your personal essential for a newborn baby that every mom should have on their wish list? 

I am a huge advocate of 'less is more'. This might have something to do with the tiny Amsterdam apartment we are living in. But looking back at the first few months as a mother, providing the best care for my baby was the most important thing. Especially for that fragile newborn skin. So for me it was important to really invest in high quality skin care products for my baby, without all those harmful chemicals. Which is why I love everything from Minois Paris. 

Anything you can share with us about Lola & Fitz we don’t know yet? 

At LOLA & FITZ we carefully curated our favorite pregnancy must haves, newborn care essentials, on-the-road necessities, items for the nursery, unique gifts, memorable experiences, and more. But if you want to add a gift from your own favorite webshop, that is no problem! You can add any gift from any website to your wishlist with the ‘LOLA & FITZ Gift Scanner’.  So it's kind of like a one-stop-shop from the moment you realize your pregnant. 

Thank you!



LOLA & FITZ launched in November 2014 with a fresh and personal way to add all your favorite baby items to a beautiful fully customizable wishlist and share it with family and friends on all your social networks, by e-mail — or add it to your babyshower invitation. Your favorite newborn items from Mirle and Tess are also available via LOLA & FITZ now, visit and create your personal wishlist!


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